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The HK45 is the latest hand gun to come from Umarex and it is sure to impress. The HK 45 is based upon the real steel gun of the same name from Heckler And Koch. The real steel version of this gun is chambered in the .45 ACP caliber and was designed to meet requirements set by the U.S. Military Joint Combat Pistol program to replace the 9mm M9.

Umarex HK45 GBB Pistol
3,550.00 ZAR

HnK airsoft P30 1

Umarex HK45 GBB Pistol
3,550.00 ZAR

After the program was terminated in 2006, HK decided to continue production and offer it to law enforcement and military groups.
KWA pulled out all the stops with the HK 45 and spared to expense to ensure that it lives up to its real steel counter part. This gun features a railed lower receiver made from high strength polymer and features a textured grip to ensure that the user maintains a sturdy hold onto the gun. The lower receiver also features an adjustable back strap which allows the user to either install the slim line or swelled strap to contour perfectly to their hand.

The lower frame also houses the ambidextrous slide lock, magazine release and the fire control that also functions as a de-cocker. The slide of the HK 45 is made of an aluminum alloy which is both durable, yet lightweight to allow for a very crisp recoil. 3-dot style combat sights allow the user to quickly and easily acquire targets with the HK 45 even under low light or high intensity conditions. Finishing off the slide are beautifully engraved HK trade marks that really take this gun to the next level. Whether you are looking for a perfect replica of the real steel HK 45 or you are simply looking for a top notch hand gun with ambidextrous features, the HK 45 from KWA / Umarex is a must have!


  • Manufacturer: KWA / Umarex
Model: HK45 

  • Muzzle Velocity:340-350 

  • Magazine Capacity: 28 Rounds

  • Color: Black

  • Overall Length: 7.87" 

  • Overall Height: 5.98" 

  • Inner Barrel Length: 103 mm 

  • Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05 mm 

  • Weight: 1.92 lbs
Package Includes: KWA / Umarex HK 45, One Extra Back Strap, One Bottle Of Silicone, Hop Up Tool, Small Bag Of BBs.


  • 3-dot combat sights
Accessory rail

  • Lockout device

  • Aluminum alloy slide with polymer frame 
Realistic construction & field stripping

HnK p30 airsoft 2

HnK p30 airsoft 3

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