KSC Glock 19

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Mechanically identical to the hugely popular Glock 17, this Glock 19 sports a much more compact frame with a high metal content lower frame that adds the improved realism and feel.

KSC Glock 19
1,680.00 ZAR

As seen used by law enforcement officials and special agents worldwide, the Glock 19 is gaining popularity over the Glock 17 for its compactness and concealablity. ksc glock 19 gbb

Although the frame is smaller there is a generous magazine capacity of 21 rounds vs the 25 rounds in Glock 17 / 18C.

Packs the same power and blow-back as its bigger brothers. Rail frame allows installation of lighting / aiming accessories.Sports a full metal slide.


This is a beautiful gun that incorporates extremely high construction quality of all KSC Glocks, with smooth trigger action and smooth cycling.

We have been told by police officers who use this Glock 19 for training that it feels just like the real thing in terms of finishing and unloaded weight.

One of our most popular GBB pistols to date!

Product Brand: KSC
Product Code:  G-KSCX009
Hop-Up:          ADJUSTABLE
Weight:           740 g
Length:           186.0 mm
Capacity:         21 rds
Power:             260.0 fps
Power Source:  Propane
Blowback:        YES
Shooting Mode: Semi

Investment: R1680-00

KSC Glock 19
1,680.00 ZAR



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