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Automatic EIectric Guns. Gas Blow-Back Rifles. Shotguns. Sniper Rifles. Accessories

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Boots. Belts. Knee Pads. Eyewear. Gloves. Apparel.

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Hunting Supplies, Holsters & Slings. Cleaning Kits, Rail Systems, Bags & Cases .

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Tips and tricks to get the most out of your airsoft rifle or pistol. Maintenance & Care.

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WOLVERINE Quality Tactical Gear


WOLVERINE QTG Airsoft Supplier we specialize in airsoft and real world tactical gear whilst offering unmatched sales advice and service, with almost 22 year of airsoft experience. All airsoft products on this web site are Toys and are imitations of real semi automatic firearms. They are used for the ever popular legal sport of airsoft in South Africa.

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WOLVERINE QTG Airsoft supplier is the only specialized airsoft shop and most respected airsoft custom shop in Southern Africa with professional in-store service, email, telephone support. We are the technical back-up center for VFC, G&G, ARES and Classic Army for Southern Africa.


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Featured Airsoft Product

King Arms Fal Full Length

The FN FAL is a self-loading, selective fire rifle produced by the Belgian armaments manufacturer Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN) during the Cold War, been in service since 1953, and has been adopted by many NATO countries. Other nations have adopted the FAL too, for their armies as well as being a popular civilian rifle.

king Arms Fal Full Size
5,100.00 ZAR

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Featured Real World Product

Featured Tactical Gear

CYTAC Heavy Duty Single Point Tactical Sling

Constructed from heavy duty 38mm webbing featureing 3 QD side release buckles for quick detatch.

CYTAC Heavy Duty Single Point Tactical Sling
195.00 ZAR


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